The Mercy of Selling

Life's a journey. A strange journey with no road signs to direct you but rather people who help move you along. My journey began on February 1991 a second born girl of a wonderful couple. I was born in Nairobi, I grew up, I attended school and lived in Nairobi my whole life in Nairobi. I attended Campus at the Daystar University, Athi River Campus where I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Community Development with a minor in Psychology. I have always wanted to assist people, projects and initiatives. The road to achieve that dream was not easy but eventually I found myself here at LishaBora Hydroponics in Githunguri Kiambu County.



My name is Mercy Mukami and I am the Sales and Marketing Manager. I have always loved sales, mostly because it means I get the chance to interact with people. I also love sales because I hate office work. I believe God gave me a heart for people and not for a desk. I have been doing sales since 2009 when I completed high school and continued with it until I reached university. Afterwards, I did an internship with an NGO and got my second job as a Sales Executive in a car tracking company. What I like most about working with LishaBora is that I have a chance to make a difference in the lives of farmers. They struggle from the high-cost and low quality of feeds and the lack of knowledge on how to care for cows or their nutritional requirements. The other reason why I love my current job is that I get to be away from city life. Do not get me wrong, city life is great. Its an endless supply of all types of things food, clothes and entertainment. It’s like Nakumatt slogan: You need it, we got it. However, it can get exhausting when you have to push, pull and fight just to move from one place to another or get something. Thus, when I got the call to move from Nairobi to Githunguri I did not hesitate.

One of the job requirements at LishaBora is to help the company with its expansion plans and to develop both the sales and the customer management systems. In April we will be expanding our current capacity from 5-10 customers (13-30 cows). We are planning to expand again in May to meet the needs of ~20 customers and feed almost 80 cows. This is all very exciting as it has never been done before. I guess I will super busy but please stick around to whiteness all these.