Q1 2016: Done!

Let me start by welcoming the month of May. The first quarter of the year has just ended and we are entering another quarter. When I look back at this past month, I can say a lot has happened. For starters this was my first month in LishaBora and in some sense let me say am celebrating my first work anniversary. Cheers to me. After a month in this company, I can honestly say am happy with my job and excited about our mission in Githunguri.

April was a lot of work for me. I have adjusted to the working environment and learned to find solutions at the same time. I have also developed customer retention, sales and marketing strategy outlines for the year. This month we had contracts ending before the month ended while at the same time trying to push sales. I have had to motivate myself especially because it is challenging trying to help people fully understand what is hydroponics, how it works, why we deliver daily other than in sacks and the nutritional value of the barley grass. In sales, you follow the leads and base your decisions on your experience. At times you carry a sample show them what it is attempt to find a payment solution only for them to say they don’t want. It is during such times that you need and call for divine wisdom...and patience. Let us say I became a leader this month.

With all this learning, I tried to find a solution: a greenhouse Open Day. The event was held on  April 23rd and from it, we got eight more cows for the month of May, or about 50% of the customers that came, bought. What I loved to see most about the event is that people realized the problems they had with the current animal feeds and their measuring strategies. I also learned that we, as salespeople, have to be transparent about our product. The Open Day was a way to gain the trust of the people as well as educate them on current technologies, why we use hydroponics and best practices in cow management. All I can say the open day was a success. I also attended a Sales and Marketing Training at Strathmore Business School. What I loved most about the training is the solutions it brought which I can apply to LishaBora. So far, we already have this year Sales and Marketing strategies ready and I am excited about it. Stick around our Facebook page (LishaBora hydroponics) for updates or our website (www.lishabora.com) for more details.

We also would like to take this time to introduce to everyone Emily. She is coming from another small social enterprise where she worked to sorted out their accounts. After joining us in the first week of April, Emily has done tremendous work in sorting our accounts out. She has gone through all the receipts, is compiling reports and will be able to generate historic P&Ls and Balance sheets soon. Adding a level of financial finesse is something that LishaBora has needed for some time, Thank you Emily!