Business Management Mobile Application V2

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Mobile Application - Platform Functionality

In this blog post we will walk you through the latest version of our business management mobile application, showing actual screen shots of the application from the eyes of a dairy trader.  Dairy traders use this mobile application every day to record milk collections, place orders for LishaBora products (like our Jawabu Standard and Premium cow feeds) and track micro-loans given out to smallholder farmers. The platform of the app was modelled off the paper dairy cards being used by traders and farmers in the informal market. The application replaces manual calculations and paper records, increasing the efficiency of dairy traders, thereby increasing profits of smallholders and traders alike.

Watch this video for a technical demonstration of our app.

The Basics

Opening an Account


LishaBora’s Account Manager spends 1-2 days with the trader to set up their phone and account and train them to use the app.

Once logged in, the trader can use the app offline! We encourage them to still go online everyday to sync their data to our cloud server and avoid losing data incase anything happens to their phone.

Main Menu


List of Farmers


This is the dairy traders main homepage where they can access the main page:

  • Farmers: To view list of farmers and quickly record any transaction (milk, cash loan, order)
  • Dashboard: To view key metrics that help track the trader’s business performance
  • Transactions: To view list of all monthly transactions and totals per category
  • Payouts: To view pay cycles’ totals and approve farmers’ payouts
  • Settings: To customize settings

We'll go through each of these tabs in detail.


Record a milk collection


To quickly view all farmers and their respective balance.

Click on a farmer’s name to access their page to record any transaction.

New farmers can be directly created from this page too.


Record a loan


Select a farmer, and record their milk collection within a single click!


Record an Order


Switch tabs and record a loan in the form of a cash advance to the farmer.

The amount is simply deducted from their account balance.

Giving out micro-loans to smallholder farmer customers is very common for dairy traders in the informal sector. 


View the Farmer's Dairy Card


Switch tabs and record an order from any of the LishaBora products distributed by the trader, straight from their own store.

Here again, the amount is simply deducted from the farmer’s account.


All transactions of the farmer’s current pay cycle are compiled and displayed in the form of a “dairy card”.

We used a Human Centred Design process to develop this page based on what a typical paper dairy card looks like in reality to give our digital dairy card a familiar look to traders.

Any data can be edited here if it was mistakenly recorded.

Clicking on “Loans” and “Orders” totals at the bottom brings the user to the full list of loans and orders made that month for that farmer.

Farmer's Profile


With our support, a trader will add all their farmers in the app.

They can add farmers as they grow. 

Our app has the ability to customize a farmer’s experience according to the trader and their own desires:

  • Payment cycle (weekly, semi-monthly, monthly)

  • Payment type (cash, M-PESA, bank)

  • Milk buying price and route

List of Transactions

Real-time ledgers, to save time and prevent calculating errors

Monthly Milk Transactions


All milk transactions are compiled in daily and monthly totals.

The trader can quickly track their day-to-day performance! 

Click on a specific date and view all collections for that day. 

This page can be accessed from the “Transactions” button on the Main Menu.

Daily Milk Transactions


Click on any date from the monthly list of milk transactions to see that day’s specific list.

Loan's Ledger


Switch tabs and view a list of all the cash loans given to farmers within a given month.

Order's Ledger


Farmer's Loan Ledger


Switch tab again and view a list of all product orders sold to farmers within a given month.


Want to view a list of loans given to a specific farmer only?

That’s possible too.

Farmer's Order Leger


Same thing for orders...


At the end of any given cycle, whether it is weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly, a trader would normally compile all of their farmers’ transactions, calculate their balances, and pay them. This process is entirely manual, paper-based, and cash-based.

With our app, balances are calculated automatically and traders have the option to pay their farmers through alternative payment methods: mobile payments via M-PESA and bank transfers. We partner with an external company which has developed a bulk payment platform to process such payouts in no time for the trader. All a trader has to do is go through their farmers’ dairy cards, confirm the transactions and approve the amount to be paid.

Payouts Farmers' Balances


Select a specific payout from the list and view each of the farmer’s balance.

Click on a farmer’s line to view and approve their dairy card.

Switch tab to view the payouts totals.

Farmers' Dairy Card


View, verify, edit, and approve each farmer’s dairy card individually to complete the payout.

Payouts Total


Switch tabs to view the payouts totals and approve it to process payments.


Where the trader can customize the app to match their operational model

Settings Menu

  • Profile Settings: To view and edit account credentials and default options

  • Routes: To create different routes and assign the correct milk buying price to each

  • Products: To edit the retail price of products available to farmers.

Profile Settings



The trader’s profile is initially set up during our first visit when we open their account.

The trader can come back here and edit their settings as desired.

Route Settings


The trader can create different routes if they have different milk buying price and default delivery fee per area.

Each farmer is assigned a route and its settings are applied to their transactions.

The trader’s profile is initially set up during our first visit when we open their account.

The trader can come back here and edit their settings as desired.

Product Settings


The trader can define here the desired retail price for each of the product available to farmers in their store.

The purchasing price is agreed with us and defined by us in the app.

LishaBora's Admin Account

We also have our own account, where the admin side of things happen.

Admin's Main Menu

  • Traders: To create and view traders on our app

  • Products: To edit our master list of products

  • Payouts: To view and monitor each of our traders’ payouts

  • Dashboard: To view key metrics to monitor our overall performance!

List of Trader's


To quickly view all traders and their respective status.

Click on a trader’s name to view their profile, edit their settings, and view their dashboard and monthly transactions summary.

Traders are created from this page.

Create and Edit a Trader


Distributor Specific Products


We create a trader’s account with them during the initial app training and setup.

They choose their default settings here, to accelerate the farmers creation process.


Typically, traders will only distribute a few of our products.

This is where we control which products are available to their farmers and at what price the trader is getting them from us.

Products Master List


This is the master list of products we have.

As seen earlier, each trader have their own specific list and prices.

Traders' Payout Status


At a glance, we can track the payout status of each trader.

Clicking on the trader brings us to the trader’s list of payouts.

Trader's List of Payouts


View all of a trader’s payouts and their respective amount and status.

Clicking on a payout brings you to the list of farmers to pay in that payout.

We hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and have some insights into how the LishaBora business management mobile application works! If you have any further questions, please post them in the comments section below.

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